Looking for a movie about a pregnant teenager moving in with two brothers.

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Many years ago, I watched a movie where a teenager finds out she’s pregnant and her mother discovers her secret when the girl is puking in her mother’s trailer. Her mother kicks her out and the girl tries to be with the person who got her pregnant and he rejects her. She is at this store in the middle of nowhere and two brothers in a truck pick her up and offer her a place to live. When they find out about her being pregnant they buy her items needed for a baby and help her set up a nursery in the room she is staying in at their house. She goes into false labor near the end of the movie and the hospital keeps her overnight and in the early hours of the movie she goes into true labor and has the baby and the only dialogue I can remember is something about them saying they weren’t expecting the baby to be a girl. But they are happy that the baby is healthy and they let the teenage mother stay with them and help her raise her baby. And for the life of me, I cannot remember the title of the movie. My dad remembers the same details that I did and we honestly thought it was Secondhand Lions but I think the brothers in both movies are very similar. Bachelors that live together in old age. Can somebody at least tell me that they know of the movie I am talking about so I know I am not crazy even if you don’t remember the title? I can’t find any information about it but it must exist if my dad and I can remember that much about it.

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