looking for a movie in the theme of ultraviolet(2006) and absolon(2003)

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i am looking for a movie, i remember watching it on tv
from the details i remember i found Absolon (2003) and ultraviolet (2006) but it’s not those two,
i remember a lot of details but i just can’t trace that movie
terminal disease if not treated
no cure known
treatment include injection in the hand
the injection is laced with dye,the dye color the blood vessels and paints the hand
you can see by the hands who is sick and how is not
creates to class upper healthy lower sick
i remember a Scene in a vast plasa with queues of people lined up for infection stations
only one was sick and was cured,
he has the company how makes the treatment
his girlfriend is a spy trying to find what cured him
his girlfriend is sick too, but she get the treatment without the dye from a device implanted in her back and every some time it needs to be filled by injection
the bad guy knows she is a spy confronts her and kill her
eventually it discovered he cured himself by killing his mother and harvesting a organ
probably due to donor compatibility
probably an organ like a gland like adrenal or a thyroid

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