Looking for a movie that has to do with satanic rituals


The movie begins with a business woman. She inherits an apartment complex of some sort out in italy or some foreign country. She is eager to sell it. The plot is that the room where her grandmother (or mother) used to live has underneath the paint some secret paintings. In the end it shows her being kidnapped by a group of Occult members who pretended to be maintenance from the beginning of the movie. A black man in a white suit shows up to perform the Ritual in that room. They kidnap a black woman and cut off her head. Then they all sit in a circle on the floor on top of pillows and BLOW their brains out with a revolver. All of them smile and say,” See you on the other side” then the woman who is screaming being tied up witnessing all of this is free. She goes down stairs and tells the cops what happened, The cops go up stairs and find NO DEAD BODIES. Just the body of the black woman and then the cops arrest her because they think she is CRAZY. Then the movie ends. what is the name of this movie? I remember it something like Pandora’s gate or something with the occult and satanic rituals.

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Can you remember if the film was in English, or if it was filmed recently or from the 70’s / 80’s?