Looking for a possible war movie

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There is a film that has been bugging me for weeks now, and I need some help locating it. I have very little info, but hopefully you guys can help me narrow it down.

It’s a newer movie (color)

All I can remember is in war times, a CO orders a young soldier to kill a barking dog on a patrol through a town. The young soldier goes to the dogs house, a mother and child beg him not to shoot the dog, so he fires a shot and tells the family to be quiet. He then returns to the patrol wagon (or truck) and told the officer that he killed the dog.

That’s ALL I can remember, although I do believe it was a foreign film. I would guess mid 2000’s.

I can vividly remember this particular scene, but I have no idea which film it is from.

Please help the light go off in my head!! TIA

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