Looking for details an old 70’s commercial, not a movie

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I am trying to remember a TV ad from my childhood or youth, so it probably aired in the 1970s-mid 80’s: It featured two hands, walking toward each other (anthropomorphized, walking on two fingers as if on legs), hesitating, seeming to distrust one another, but eventually coming together in a sort of hand clasp or embrace. It seemed to be an anti-prejudice PSA about reaching out to others, despite their differences. The two hands were real, not animated, and may or may not have been different skin colors (my family had a black & white TV, so I remember the images in gray tones). Does anybody out there remember more details or know who made this commercial or what website or archive I might be able to look it up in?

It could have been an Ad Council or Mormon Church PSA… I can’t recall.

jennifermparker Asked question Mar 17, 2021