Looking for indie thriller/drama – man lies about military service, from the 2010s


It is *not* “The Guest” from 2014

I watched this movie several years ago, I think on Netflix or Tubi. It is about a man who somehow obtains a soldier’s uniform, and starts lying about military service to people he meets, eventually leading to a confrontation with the real family. I think it takes place in one day, and it follows him as he goes from place to place lying. One scene takes place at a bar, and he walks from place to place without a car. The imposter gets into a fight with the parents of the real soldier at their home. It takes place in a modern time period.

I think the title may have been a single word for some type of concept. It is unusual and difficult to remember, hence why I’m posting about this.

Thank you so much! This is driving me crazy

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