Hello all,

please help me find the following movie. I can not remember the title, but I can describe the plot as best as I can.

Keywords: heaven, blowjob, murder, kidnap, nude, sex, drama

PLOT / SCENES: The film starts with a scene, where a girl is on her knees and gives a blowjob to a (overweight) guy. The camera spins from her back to her front and we see a tear running down her cheek. There is nothing around them, so that it seems they were in heaven. Now the movie starts with the plot. The guy from the first scene is married with another (obese) woman and has an affair with the girl from the first scene.
Off screen the married couple has kidnapped a child to demand ransom, but somehow the child dies and they discuss how to deal with it while they are begging for money in the subway platform. The guy goes repeatedly to his side girl to have sex. When she wants to end this, he murders her. As he leaves her apartment he pisses himself outside the door and then leaves.

RELEASE: I saw this movie in the early 2000s. But I do not know when it was released. I only remember some scenes. The first scene seems to be the guy reunited with his affaire in heaven.

If you can help me find the movie, I would be very grateful, as I am looking for it for years now!!

Thank you all in advance for helping!

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