Looking for spy movie

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There is an undercover agent working for some US agency. He is tasked with working in Liechtenstein (I think.) To get there he applies to work as an engineer for some engineering company. When he goes to apply he is one of 2 candidates with the other being much better so he will not get the job. On the way out he meets the other candidate by the road and then pushes him infront of a bus so he gets the job. Once he has the job he has a flight that was supposed to be on a company jet but instead they flew commercial. He has to check the bag of money the agency gave him, when the bag arrives it is searched and the security bag checker takes the money. The agent finds that the money was taken by a Brazilian immigrant living in liechtenstein. He lives with 6 brothers and the agent sneaks in but gets attacked and kills one. This starts an investigation with a female detective leading her to fly to America and interview people. She tries to solve the case while they do business in Europe. At the end the agent needs to escape Europe and tries to take a ferry from France to England but they are looking for him so he decides to swim the English channel. He calls a friend to meet him (a friend he was in captivity with in the middle east from england) the friend tells him he needs to swim as far as british waters. The problem is the jelly fish but he eventually makes it and is rescued.

connstheconns Asked question Dec 3, 2020