Looking for the name of a film about trapped souls

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Looking for a movie seen a while ago. About souls trapped between 2 worlds that need help to move on. Not a horror or a scary movie. Resembles “the others” and “sixt sense”. The plot is based in a big city (new york possibly) where on a busy day, a woman (i think) trying to get out of the rain and crowd opens tge dir on an old brick building and goes in. After she gets out finds the streets deserted and hardly anyone around. Basically she found an entrance to the world where souls with. Unresolved issues linger. She meets a “homeless “ man looking fir his grandson, a mother looking for 2 children , a girl looking for her dog. She figures out these are trapped souls and , as she finds the way back to the real world, helps them to resolve the issues and move on. With a final twist that she/herself just got hit by a car and is in coma

deltacain99 Answered question Nov 9, 2021

Is it “Just like Heaven” by any chance?

Csouthcross Posted new comment Nov 9, 2021

No, it does not have list A actors like Reese or Mark

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