Looking for the name of an independent film about two brothers


Hello! Awhile back, I started watching an intriguing independent film, which I believe wan on Hulu, and now I forget the name of and want to rewatch it. It was released fairly recently. It had a strange title and is a super slow-burn coming of age story about two brothers. The older brother and his friend come across the body of the younger brother’s friend which they see below them in the woods. The rest of the movie is the aftermath of that. Other plot points I recall are the boys stealing the dead boy’s father gun, the leaving a dead dog at the father’s house and the older brother forcing the younger brother in the lake because he was fearful of the water. There was also a a scene with the older brother fighting his friend towards the end. It was set in a rural setting like Stand by Me. No recognizable actors and very sparse on dialogue.Help!

VHS_Lives Answered question May 12, 2022