Looking for the title of a Japanese movie about a young mute woman in a psychiatric hospital

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Please help me find the title of this movie!

It is a Japanese film. A young woman is brought to a psychiatric hospital by her parents (her mum and her step-dad) because she doesn’t talk. They end up bringing her back home but she flees (her step-dad tries to rape her I think). She returns to the psychiatric hospital and stays there the rest of the movie.

She never talks. At the hospital she meets an older man in a wheelchair who becomes her friend. He has a small shed in which he does pottery I think.

She is allowed to go out but the other aren’t because they are not sane. There is a very creepy dude in the institution who ends up raping the girl in the shed.

At some point we learn that the man in the wheelchair is here because he killed his wife (and her wife’s lover if my memory is good).

In the institution there is also an old woman who sometimes go out saying she’s going to eat at her son’s house. It turns out that she completely invented the family she often talks about and in reality she is alone. One time, she goes out, sits on a bench in front of the sea and eats. She is later found dead on that bench.

At the end of the movie, the heroine leaves the hospital and years later (her haircut is different), she goes to court to try to convict her rapist. Her old friend in the wheelchair is there to support her, along with some other patients of the institution.

Maybe some parts are incorrect but I tried to include everything I remembered! Thank you so much to anyone who can help me!

farcry Answered question Sep 7, 2021

It has some similarities with:

Silenced (2011).

farcry Answered question Sep 7, 2021