Male Cinderella Cartoon from the 90s with Jeans

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There was this short movie or cartoon special that my mom recorded off TV sometime in the 90s. I’ve searched in vain but can’t find a title or reference to it. My guess is that it was on a channel like ABC Sunday cartoon specials, WB, CBS, or one of the other main channels that did morning cartoons, or the rogue nighttime cartoon specials. Maybe it was even a spoof on a premium channel, but we didn’t have that many premium channels growing up.

Things I remember:
Cinderella was a guy. He had stepbrothers that bullied him. They were invited to the ball or local party. I don’t remember if the girl was a princess or just a cute girl in town. The distinguishing thing about this tale was the jeans. Male Cinderella was gifted some nice or bedazzled jeans to attend the ball/party. At one point he was pushed over a bush or into a fountain, which ruined the magic of his jeans. I just recall him getting wet after being outside in a garden with the girl hosting the ball/party.

I know I didn’t imagine this, and I swear it exists. The cartoon style wasn’t very polished. Pretty basic, low budget animation.

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It’s possible you’re thinking of “Prince Cinders”:

It was an animated short from the early 90’s that mostly follows the story you described. Prince Cinders jeans even become the shorts’ equivalent of the Glass Slipper.

I was able to find the short on youtube here:

Hopefully this is what you’re looking for.

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Gen-Awesome, that’s it!! Thank you so very much!