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This is an American film about a man (who looks like a young Lee Pace**) posing as a serial killer to track down a serial killer (an old man) who has blended in with their town.

One scene is where Lee Pace** and a busty waitress (in red uniform) are in a motel room and, as she tries to seduce him, she becomes unconcsious as he drugged her beer. He eventually calls the oldman and presents to him his “work” and wants oldman to mentor him in the art of serial killing (even though the old man sees through this as Lee Pace** merely drugged her and not killed her)

In the ending scene, old man abducts and buries alive Lee Pace’s** wife in a wooden coffer but he successfully finds her and digs her out by listening to her screams from underground.

This is quite a recent film (2-5 years perhaps?) but i really cant find it and am at wits end!

Any help would be so much appreciated!!!😊😊😊😊😊

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