Man trying to find stuffed animal but it’s being thrown in the trash?


Ok, so there’s this movie I watched in a church once I can only remember the end climax.

So the scenes goes as follows:
A man who I think was friends of a girl, who is currently on her death bed, is trying to find her stuffed animal (Or teddy bear?). He’s frantic to find it before she passes, but it was thrown in the trash. And it cuts to him trying to find it all over the house and cuts back to it being taken by a trash truck. If I remember correctly he doesn’t find it and the girl dies and she’s seen at the end of the movie holding hand with an angel and her teddy bear was in her other hand as she went to heaven?

That’s all I remember of the movie. But I can’t find it ANYWHERE. Idk if it was a short or a movie. I don’t know if it was a christian film or not either but I saw it in my church.

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