Mockumentary about a comedian from the 20’s


I watch this movie in the early 2000’s in television the title they get it in spanish was “sexo divertido” wich translated as funny sex im sure that is not the real title of the movie

In latin american Television they always change the title of the movies and sometimes give then titles that cant be further from the real one

The plot is very unique is a mix of comedy and drama in mockumentary style begin in modern time with a reporter about to interview an old famous comedian of silent cinema from the 20’s the men start to tell his story since his youth in an small town, when he met this girl he fall in love with he say something like “when i meet her she look like a goddes ¿what you say to a goddes? and he ask to her, do you want me to sacrifice you a goat ? she laugh and they become friends. Later he try to loose his virginity with a prostitute but something happen (i dont remember what) and doesnt happen he return next week but the place was closed by the police

His best friend was a black men, he ask advice to this men about how be atractive to women’s the men say to him dont be weak or something similar

He become a voudeville comedian with an act where he dress like a cat or something, he become popular, then he fall in love with the woman who work with him in the act they married then he find out in a letter he read she’s a lesbian and doesnt love him

He then recieve a proposition from a movie producer to make movies with him as a cat he reject the proposition and make a contra offer he would direct, write and act for free if the producer give him total creative freedom. The movie he make is about woman troughing pie at him in hell, he become a succesful comedian and the girl he always love also become a famous actress, when the reporter ask him if they ever have something, he say never

In the end the granddaugther of the girlfriend go to visit him

The movie maybe was made in the 90’s or early or maybe middle 2000’s

I think this is a real challenge i cant find this movie anywhere and really bothers me because i would like to see it at least one more time, in here dont act any star or anybody famous at least not that i can remember the main actor looks a litle like Dustin Diamond

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