A mother suffers with a deadly disease and she was kept locked , quarantined/isolated in a hut kind of thing. She was just given only food from outside, via a small hole, no one to enter inside. There is a heart wrenching scene in which the kid of the mother somehow finds and enters inside the hut and try to reach mother in tears, as she could not understand why her mother is kept like that . Mother just throws him away and yells and not to come near her , so that the kind wont catch her disease.. This scene is not the main plot but iys inside the movie. the movie was set in a jungle /wild/ country side kind of environment.

I saw it in star movies in 1998 so it must have come before 1998. Any clue what movie is it?

Edited question

This is just one scene of the movie , want to watch this again just for this scene.