Movie about 3 heroes, one of them kidnapped, soft nudity


Hi, since now I apologize for my English, I am from Brazil!

This is a B movie from 80s or 90, what I remember was:

FOR SURE: There were three heroes, they had some sort of suit something like Rocketeer, they fight some other race of humanoid-like enemies, one of them (with a mustache) is captured and taken to the enemy ship (or headquarter). Inside there, there is an green/blue enemy woman-humanoid that tries to seduce him then shows him her breasts, the hero says something like “hey that’s my patroller underwear” to her. I watched it when I was a kid, so I turned off the TV for not be beaten by my mother for watching naked people.

NOT SURE: There are spaceships or giant robots involved. The heroes greeted each other with some sort of pose (like Usain Bolt’s pose of victory)

This movie was exhibited in the afternoon so it´s not a lot of nudity involved, sorry it was one of the few things I remember. I am trying to find this movie for 10 years so any help is appreciated!

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