Movie about a British guy fakes his resume to marry daughter of American politician gone wrong


I remember watching this movie months ago in HBO.
There’s a British guy who is a fiancée of politician’s daughter. I remember the earlier scenes shows British guy’s brother alongside the daughter’s sisters looking for booze in the politician’s room then goes to the party. When the British guy was looking for them, they were swimming in the pool while stripping their clothes. When they’re about to go home, the guy realizes the brother were driving the car and crashed it. The parents knew about it and asked the police to not let this go public, and the guy abandoned his brother on the streets. When they’re all gathered at home, the politician asked the British guy about his resume. After that he invited his daughter to talk to him at a room, I remember the quote sounds something like “If that’s how it is then, we’re going to have a long talk”. Then we see the daughter crying, and when he asked her she said she’s fine. Then we see a butler let the British guy’s brother in with a woman, then the father invites them both to the basement where they were told a story of how he ran out of wealth from his ancestors and working his butt off to keep the wealth coming. Then he grabs a gun, told them both to strip their clothes, and threatens to kill both of them. Then he calls the others into the basement. The wife and daughters are mad at him for treating them poorly and then we switched to a scene at the morning before the wedding where the father sleeps outside of the mansion house.

Sorry if my English is out of the place, I tried to type this quickly while trying to remember the scenes.

Adeleer Edited question Jul 6, 2022