movie about a car chase on desert like road

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So, I am looking for this movie every 5 years since I’ve seen it and I never found it.

It’s about a stressed out man on the road (desert like) trying to escape a gang. apparently he did something to piss them off, but i don’t remember what. he kinda gets lost on the road so he gets in contact with a service in the car and this man that picks up is helping him out to find his way. BUT (plot twist) the man that was supposed to help him was corrupt/fake and kind of guided him towards the gang that was chasing him. that plot twist back then blew my mind and i just want to relive it. i think it’s an early 000s movie and i remember the climate and environment looked very “desert / cactus / hot temperatures” like.

hope y’all can help me out!

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that’s not the movie unfortunately


Could it be Lost (2004)?

iandenzel Posted new comment Aug 5, 2022

OMG YES!!!! thank you SO much! the rating and votes are so terribly low hahahahaha, but i’m happy i finally found it thanks to you ❤