Movie about a female comedian.

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I remember watching a trailer about a movie, I remember that the plot goes something like this:
A female comedian (I am quite sure she is also a comedian in real life) is going through some stuff, I remember that she was drunk and that there was a lot of sex in the trailer.
I tried to stream it, but after searching and not finding a good site I quickly gave up. But now I feel like watching it but can’t remember the name or any good details.

The trailer was similar to the movie Obvious Child (2014) and maybe Good on Paper (2021)
The female that the movie was a white actress with black hair.
The female was similar to Sarah Silverman, or Taylor Tomlinson, but they are not the ones.
I seem to remember that it came out around 2014, but I am sure it is not older than 2010-2011.
I don’t think it was released by a big studio, because I would have found it by now, but I am sure that the trailer was on YouTube, and it was a legit movie, and it had a rotten tomatoes rating.

VHS_Lives Posted new comment May 21, 2022