Movie about a man who is a ghost (?)


I think I saw the movie in 2010/11, so it should be from around that time if not earlier (not too old though since it’s in color). It basically starts of with a man who wakes up as a ghost next to his girlfriend, but it takes a while for him to understand that he’s dead so he obviously scares the living shit out of his girlfriend. The middle parts of the movie after this are kind of blurry, but I think he’s being chased by a demon or the reaper himself (he doesn’t want to cross over?). It ends with the man being in a church-like setting with an angel of some kind who scares of the thing that’s chasing the man, and that’s about all I remember about the movie. I think it’s either thriller or horror (leaning more towards thriller though). Oh, and I also think the cover of the DVD was kind of similar to the movie poster for The Grudge (

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