I’m trying to remember the name of a movie I saw between 7 and 15 years ago. It’s set in India, about a man who wins the lottery. That’s all I really remember, except for one scene, where he’s in a courtyard I believe, and he’s watching a musical performance. I think it’s harmonium and vocals, I don’t remember any other instruments. It’s quite a long song, a traditional Indian song. It’s sung by a man, and it’s absolutely beautiful. (In fact finding the name of this song is why I want to find the name of the movie!)

When I’ve tried to Google, the only results I get are for Slumdog Millionaire (definitely not that one!) and The Lottery (not this one either). The movie I’m looking for isn’t a Bollywood film, it has a more indie drama vibe.

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It seems there are several others too, but could it have been from the 80s?