In this movie, a musician and her husband (a military man or something similar) hear that her sister died while being a missionary in Africa and she left her four children to her. The oldest daughter is biological, one of the boys is adopted from Latin America, another from Africa, and a girl from China. The couple did not want kids so the adjustment is not good and they only agreed to temporarily foster until a different family can adopt (kids don’t know this). They finally start to become a family but the kids have acted up so the foster care system is taking them away after an accident where one of the boys steals the family car and crashes after learning the “parents” weren’t planning on adopting them. The oldest beg to be able to stay with the family and eventually the case worker agrees. At the end the mom plays a concert and sings about being a family with everybody in the crowd. Mom: blond crinkly hair, Dad: typical white guy with dark hair, Oldest daughter: dresses very modestly with long skirts and crushes over a guy Oldest son: plays soccer and gets recruited for the football team.

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