Movie aired on PBS in 1989 with scene of couple looking out window at bears “they move like dancers”

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I’m trying to identify a movie I watched on television in the summer of 1989 that aired on PBS. The story involved a woman and her relationship with two men. The setting was, I believe, a small town in a rural area, and I have associated “the river” with the film or its title (but it is not the 1984 feature film of that name).

There is a scene in which the woman and one of the men, after spending the night together, are looking out the second-story window of her house at some bears outside. The man says “they move like dancers” and this touches her. There is another scene in which the other man in the love triangle reproaches her for becoming romantically involved with the man-of-the-poetically-described-bears, and she says a line something like, “Sometimes in life you just get f**king lost, you know?” This line is the reason I’m fairly sure this aired on PBS — I recall watching it in on a small TV (with antennas — i.e., no cable) in an apartment in the summer of 1989 and I was intrigued that the line wasn’t censored for broadcast. This seemed like it might have been something like an American Playhouse film, but I’ve searched all AP productions from 1988 and 1989 and don’t find anything matching.

Any insights on this will be very much appreciated!

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