Movie – Asian? – boy and girl – sad story

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I just found this website and I soooo hope any one of you recognizes something of my description below.

I think the setting is Asian (perhaps Pakistan, India, Bangladesh). It is definitely not a sing/dance/happy (Bollywood) movie. I think it was English spoken, or at least had an English title. Not sure. I saw in on TV, a Belgian TV station and on a Dutch TV station. Must have been between 5 and 10 years ago.

The story is about a boy and a girl who grow up together but at some point get separated. Which is sad, because I remember feeling they would be together for life in love. They are separated and live their lives. I believe one of them has a rough life. And one of them works in a factory… (not sure, though).

If I remember well their paths do cross ALMOST a few times during their life, but they don’t know.

The thing I know and remember best is the end, made a big impression on me.

At the end, one of them is sitting somewhere (on a roof?) very old and almost done with life… and the other one is there too, they finally meet and see each other again after all these years, but one of them (I believe him) is blind, so he can’t see her.

Do any of you think: “Yes, that’s: ” ???
Hope so, Thanks,

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