Movie Car theft and two black bmw car chase, most probably European movie ?

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I am looking for a movie which i saw in my childhood:

Release: probably 1980s (maybe 1990s,or 1970s)
Origin: Europe (?)
Genre: Crime, Heist, (Comedy?)

I do remember one core scene:
Two black bmw’s are chasing each other through narrow roads (at night) in a city, i think both were 3 series, maybe type e30.
One of the cars is modified and has a slightly wider body.
During the chase through very narrow streets this wider car gets stuck.
It is a key scene, i think the actor practices with the thinner car to get through this special bottleneck in order to escape.

Anyone any idea?
Would be highly appreciated – i keep asking friends since years, but noone knows.
And: It is not “Taxi” nor “Ronin”


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