Movie I have not been able to find for 4 years.

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This is somewhere near the middle-end of the movie. A man is walking through an abandoned looking building where drug addicts hang out. He has his gun in hand and he’s looking for the antagonist of the movie (or the last bad-guy). There are metal tables, jars, broken glass and a lot of plastic covering/tarping everywhere. He’s walking through and sees this punk rock red head woman (I think she had red spikes in her hair) topless and convulsing/foaming at the mouth. He initially walks right past her. There may have been a dude with her that fled. There is another shot of her on more time as he re-enters the room where he looks at her and looks away. I watched this a years ago as a kid and it shocked and scared me. I stayed away from drugs because of it. What was this movie?

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