Movie I saw on Netflix or Prime a few years ago

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I saw a movie a few years ago either on Prime Video or Netflix. It was about a man who was about to be released from prison. During his duration, he had been pretending to be this elderly ladie’s grandson and had her wiring him money for years. Before he is released the old lady passses away and all she owns is left to her grndson who is away in college. He leaves college to come home to plan her funeral and claim what is left to him. He finds out that his grandmother had been sending money to someone. (I think she had dementia) The man is released from prison during this time and comes looking for the old lady so he can get all of her money. The man ends up finding the real grandson at her home and ties him to a chair and that is the last part of the movie that I saw. Can anyone help with this? I’ve been racking my brain for awhile

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Solved!! This is it. Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to find this movie for years and I never would’ve found it without your help. Thanks again!