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There was this movie I watched a few years back, it was a 3d animated movie on cartoon network, it was a sort of Romeo and Juliet kind of movie, but of two main races. the “Romeo” (to make things easier to understand) was part of a race of green-skinned people with something like telekinetic powers. And “Juliet” was part of a race with fairy-like wings. The antagonist of the movie was a woman who had her wings clipped and was then exiled. And she would wear others clipped wings as if they were clothes. I think she did a bunch of things to have these two races fight in a war. I believe it came out between 2000 and 2010, it aired on cartoon network.

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I deleted strange magic after i found this one

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oh my god thank you! It’s been annoying me for the past week! I don’t even remember liking it that much!