Movie name?

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A man moves into his new home in a nice area only to find it is haunted by the ghost a young woman. The woman is unaware that she is dead and is very confused when she finds a random man sleeping in her bed. She eventually figures out she is a ghost. Only the man can see and communicate with her. I watch this movie sometime around 2013/14. The roles could be reversed and instead the man is the ghost

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What genre was it?

It was a romance movie. The woman was iN a coma, sO she was teetering on becoming a spirit but hadn’t yet. The man moves iN and the woman is confused because it’s supposed to be her apartment with her things and, yet this man is acting like it’s his. In the end, they fall iN love and he helps her out of the coma that she’s been iN, so that she can return to the land o the living and also to this new love she has now! Does that sound like the same one you aRe iNquiring about? It was a sweet movie! i’m wanting help ID’ing a movie title, so iFelt obliged to do my part to help someone else…i’m going blank on the title but the whole thing was just swEEEt!!! iHope i’ve filled iN Enough dEtails that someone else will come along with a slam/dunk for it! Until then, if iThink of the title, iWill come back to you with it! Best of luck, iSure hope someone answers my burning movie question with as much gustO!!!


Just Like Heaven

Your description reminded me about this movie.

Same plot, one of them are dead, actually, I think, in comma.

At the end of of them wakes up in hospital.

alessandrodias Answered question May 14, 2022
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