Movie name about two couples be robbed at dinner at their home

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The movie starts with the two young men downstairs, the owner of the house and the other doing coke and something of a get quick rich schemer. They join their female counterparts for dinner on the lanai. A guest comes to the door and they invite him to join them for a drink. The guest (with a British accent) ends up robbing them. He kills one of the men by weighting him down and dumping him of the dock. He locks the other man in his basement. He is robbing the men of the money they embezzled from a company. In the end the thief goes to a barn to get on his motorcycle and get away and discovers he doesn’t have the money. It turns out the wife had it and she runs away. She stops to try and give the groundskeeper/handyman some payoff money but he won’t have it. She rides off into the sunset. What’s the name of the movie? I think it was shown on Netflix the past five years.

lifelover Asked question Nov 11, 2021