Movie of a car accident and ghosts

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I saw this maybe 15 years ago? It was on tv late at night when I was young and stuck with me.
Four teens are driving down the road and they distract the driver as they approach a curve causing them to crash into the lake. They emerge from the water laughing before realizing their dead bodies are in the car. The middle part is vague for me but I do remember if they tell someone they’re a ghost they disappear and possibly one of their dad’s was a pastor? The end of the movie the main actor frees the bodies from the car that’s perched on a rock like 15ft down but the car sinks before he can free his own. It ends with him looking down at his girlfriend’s(?) body and it cries a tear of blood. I’ve been searching for this movie off and on for years and have yet to find it.

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Night Visions (2001–2002)
Season 1 | Episode 6 If a Tree Falls

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Thank you so much oh my god this has been plaguing me for years!

You’re welcome 🙂