Movie (or show?) with a scene where a kid with no limbs kills his mom

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This movie came out somewhat recently (2000s) and is well known. It’s not a horror/slasher at all and in fact I think it’s more young adult. I was thinking it might be A Series of Unfortunate Events. I think this was just a few scenes- not the entire plot of the movie. I just can’t place this part of the film where there is a wealthy mother and son with no limbs in a fancy house or palace. I feel like the actress was someone like Sharon Stone or Emma Thompson, but their filmographies don’t seem to pointing me in the right direction. The son is mostly bed ridden and they have a servant boy. Maybe the mom has a pet monkey? I think the mom has blonde hair with fancy clothes and makeup. In the end of the scene, I think the son with no arms or legs has the servant boy kill the mom. Something like that? Again, not portrayed as horrific as this may seem.

red-black-grey Asked question Jan 7, 2022