Please if someone could help me find the following TV series or Movie:
One scene description:
A delivery boy rings the bell in a house. Two women, one young and the other more mature, answer the door. The older woman takes the opportunity to show the younger one one how to enchant or perform magic over a person. She asks the delivery boy to open his hand and enchants him. He starts doing whatever he is asked by the woman. He takes off his clothes and stands in front of them in his underwear. After that, the woman (witch) disenchants the boy. He wakes up from the spell and realizes he got undressed. Then, he says “I am so sorry”. Finally, he takes his clothes and runs away.
I think the scene belongs to a show called something like “The witches of…” I cannot remember the rest.
Thank you very much in advance!

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when did you see this?

Can you remember if it was the “Witches of East End”?

I think I saw it between 2013 – 2015. Some of the scenes were also in Youtube. But no anymore 🙁

I tried the Witches of East End, but it was not that show 🙁

Thank you so much for commenting!