I was watching a documentary on the Columbine school shooting of 1999 and I had a flashback. They were talking about how the two gunmen took inspiration from a film named Natural Born Killers.
I can’t remember whether it was a movie or a documentary, or even if it was connected to the Columbine shooting at all.
I simply remember that towards the end of the film the spectator could start making parallels between a certain movie and what the characters in this film were doing, and then seeing different shots, first of the movie they seemed to be imitating/impersonating, then of the film itself. I remember there where framings of their faces and there might have been a cigarette involved. I can’t remember much more…
Does it ring a bell?

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the scene I remember kinda reminds me of the last scene of The Usual Suspects, where we start to slowly connect the dots and start to see a resemblance.