Movie that follows the lives of multiple teens with different problems

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So i believe they’re all high school kids I’m not sure about that though. The movie follows all of their stories individually but i believe they all go to the same school or something. I remember one boy had a porn addiction and later couldn’t get it up when a girl tried to sleep with him because he was a football player and popular. He the tried to carve a hole into a football and mastrubate with it. Another boy played a lot of games and spent a lot of his time playing world of warcraft or someeting, I remember there being scenes of his dad talking to him about it. There was this girl who used to be fat but then got skinny and her long time crush got her pregnant after that. There was this couple and i don’t remember which one of them did what but one of them tried to commit suicide when the other wasn’t responding because their phone was taken away, this may be the same kid that was playing world of warcraft but i can’t remember. It’s an amazing movie and i have been searching for it for hours now. It was this kind of movie that supposed to like open your eyes a bit i feel like. I know it’s a long description but its a really deep movie and i really feel like showing it to someone. Please help me and thaks

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Thank you a lot mate, appreciate it a lot!