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This movie was on late night TV in Australia, so not sure if it was a telemovie or cinema movie in its day. I would say post 2000 but almost definitely post 1990. I have very little information about it which doesn’t help. I think a man that is from out of town or lives isolated comes to a small town, either as he has invented something or petitioning town administration about something but having no luck with that. He befriends a young woman that I think works the counter at a late night or all night store, convenience store/gas station kind of place. Most of the movie is them talking. I think towards the end she tells him she wants to get out of the small town, dreams of being a musician, maybe plays a song on an acoustic guitar by a campfire sort of thing. He has blonde hair and kind of looks like Owen Wilson, or maybe more like Dana Carvey in Wayne’s World, she has dark brown hair/black hair and kind of looks a bit like the woman from Juno. I don’t know any of the actors though, and could be mixed up as to more specific memories of the plot. I vaguely wondered if he had some end of the world type theory or something. Although there are others in the film he and her are almost the only main characters. Have tried goog, whatisthemovie and IMDb without any luck but no surprise as my memories are so minimal and vague.

VHS_Lives Answered question Mar 31, 2022

Thanks for the suggestion! I shall watch that one and see, although I think I would have recognised Robin Tunney after watching many The Mentalist episodes, being Australian (as the lead male actor in the Mentalist is). Reading the synopsis of that movie does then raise the question whether I am incorrect in thinking the young woman worked in the convenience store, maybe it was the man. Thanks again, I appreciate the response!