I may be mistaken, but I recall seeing a movie with a plot almost identical to HEARTBURN (Meryl Streep 1986) A husband/wife get married, seem to have an idyllic life, then the wife finds out the husband is having an affair. Lots of trials\drama…but the husband seems to make amends and the couple get back together. Some time passes and we see the marriage is not 100% but the couple if working things out. A year or two passes. Now the critical scene that I recall is the ending. THe couple are having dinner with friend or couple, everyone is happy, chatting, everything seems wonderful. The wife is stirring/mixing a salad or some other food while the husband and friend are chatting at the dinner table (as I recall the wife is standing). The friend and husband are discussing work. The friend asks some innocuous question of the husband similar to “oh thats when you went to San Diego” (not exact or exact city but general phrase). The husband replies “YES”. (This exchange may be somewhat different in that the friend may ask a question to which the husband gives a reply similar to “yeah thats when I went to x) The key is the RESPONSE this exchange generates in the WIFE, who immediately Freezes and stares in utter hatred at the husband. As this seemingly innocent exchange has caught out the husband who never stopped having the affair which is the cause of the entire movie central plot. The wife walks over and dumps the salad/pasta/whatever on the husband and walks out. Now am I just incorrectly recalling HEARTBURN or is this another movie? I went through the entire list of movies for the 1980s and 1990s and cannot find a match and seem to recall the movie from around this period.

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