This is bugging me that I can’t remember the movie nor find it through any of my search means.
Looking for this movie:

I BELIEVE the two characters are both black actors. The man was pretty successful and dating a white woman. He somehow reconnects with an old friend, I believe they grew up together on “the other side of the tracks,” which I think that phrase was used in the movie. The woman is not doing well…I think living on the streets, prostituting and addicted to drugs. She asks the man why he is dating the white woman because she’s not his type. At some point he asks her what happened and reminds her that she was going to school to be a lawyer (or something like that). She reminds him that she was raped in college and dropped out and now it messed up her life, basically.

That’s all I remember. I don’t even know if the whole movie is about them or if it’s one of those movies that tells the story of multiple characters. Please help. Want to watch this scene/movie again.

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