Movie where girl is trying to escape some kind of heap monster

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Saw this low budget B monster movie late one night around 1982. A girl was trying to escape this freaky “shambling mound” monster by throwing rocks to distract it. It was apparently sightless, and could only hear her. I also remember she was saying “go away!” to it. I was about ten, it scared the crap out if me, and a changed the channel! It never knew what it was.

Markl Posted new comment May 20, 2021

is the monster a golum?

No, it was literally a big heap, like plant matter or something. Not humanoid at all. No face, no mouth. It kind of walked. The girl was only about 6 or 7 years old. In the scene, she was the only character present, no adults around. It was in her back yard I think. It couldn’t see. She threw rocks (into a pit?) to make noise to make it go away. It was freaky. I saw it in 80s, could have been a 70s flick.