Movie with a body hidden inside a wall

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This in eating me up inside. I’m looking for this movie that I only can remember that there was this guy whose house the city council or something needed him to abandon to have new residences (I think) built. The guy refuses on the grounds of emotional attachment. He has some lawyer friend helping him but in the end he vacant the house and when the house is being demolished they find the wife’s body hidden inside one of the walls. That’s it. That’s all I remember. Can you help me out?

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If it’s an old flick it sounds like it might be froim Tales of the Unexpected (British TV movie).


It sounds a bit like The Stranger Tv Series, based on the Harlen Coben novel, on Netflix. There is definitely a similar plot strand.

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Thank you!!!!! That was the one!! I was going crazy because of this 😀

No problem