murders in a city, two Asian thugs assault people, a serial killer kills women and has sex with them

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what I remember from this movie:
– some white criminal kills women and then has sex with them, after one such killing he says to himself something like ‘oh it’s wrong’.
– At some point he is caught(probably by police) naked and for some reason the camera zooms in on his butt where there is a big pimple
– 2 Asian guys are also in the movie, they are guns for hire, and once(or maybe more than once) they yell ‘hands up motherfuckers’ before they are about to assault(or kill) people

unfortunately that’s all I remember, I have been searching fruitlessly for it for almost 20 years now, if you can help me find it, I would really appreciate it, please let me know if you have any questions and thanks for checking my post out

lookingForMyMovie Asked question Mar 11, 2021