name of french science fiction movie about family trying to survive as the earth gets hot


French sci fi movie produced mid nineties give or take a few years about a family traveling and trying to survive as the earth gets hotter and hotter from the suns heat.
Everything is depicted realistically- – no aliens or fantasy elements
I seem to recall the movie was rendered in a yellowish tint to convey how hot it is.
I don’t believe the actors were very well known, it was not a big production.
Thematically similar to THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE.

Chisco Answered question Jun 22, 2022

can we guarantee it is originally french?

hi guys sorry for late responce. im going to cut and paste this entire comment to Farcry , Chisco and VHS_lives for convience.
1. While i dont rememer much the fact that this movie is French seems to be clear. I dont recall subtitles..the characters spoke english .
2. we can rule out for certain it is not Peut-etre 1999. i watched some of this to make sure.
3. we can rule out Malevil 1981. again i was able to view this as well.
4.I researched both versions of Malevil but was unable to view Malevil 2009. Apparently they differ quite abit so i cannot definately rule out the 2009 version. 2009 is right aout the time i would have seen this movie , probably on Netflix. i know for sure it wasnt tv or the theatre. i will continue looking for it…my gut feeling is that Malevil 2009 *is not* the right answer based on my research. i know its frustratting working with sketchy info. thx again J.