Name of movie where a woman tries to kill her female friend in order to seek revenge

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I remember that I once watched a movie on TV about a woman (probably blonde) who tries to kill the her female friend (or acquantance). I remember a scene where they both are eating in a restaurant and the friend is with his man. The blonde woman pours some type of gravy – which contains an ingredient that her friend is allergic to – on the her friend’s food. However, she failed to kill her.

In another scene, the blonde woman makes a copy of her friend’s keys by pressing it in a small cushion. Then, she uses one of the copies to access a place where she ends up pouring gasoline and burning the whole place. If I’m not mistaken, the place is a restaurant where her friend works.

After the climax, the blonde woman is shot after her friend’s man tries to defend the friend and then the blonde woman goes to her car. She then sees a man, probably her dead fiancĂ©. Next, it is revealed that she died and her head is laying on the horn of the car.

I can’t stop thinking about this movie, so it would be really appreciated if you can help me find out its name.

It’s probably an American drama movie. The blonde woman kinda reminds me of Hillary Duff, but I’m not 100% sure.

jvaspad Asked question Mar 16, 2021