Name of the movie?

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I’m looking for a movie that I watched years ago, but I don’t remember its name..The events of the movie in a nutshell revolve around a family of 3, a beautiful woman, her teenage son, and her husband. The husband is somewhat fat, works in a prestigious job and is characterized by calm, dignity and discipline, and the wife suffers from the harsh treatment of her husband and his nervousness, as well as his absence from the home for long periods and the failure to meet her sexual needs. The son discovers by chance that his father’s behavior is strange, to find that his father is just a murderer and a rapist for girls and women, and the story that he works in a prestigious job and is calm is nothing but a social cover for his crimes.
The son begins to watch him well to know the place where he locks up his victims and kills them, then the teenage son suddenly disappears, then very long years pass, and the son returns after he became an old man at the age of 35 to his mother’s house and knocks on the door on her and opens the door to find in front of her a strange man she does not know, but after A minute of contemplation in his face remembers and they exchange hugs and hugs.

AdamSam Edited question Mar 10, 2022