Name of this movie??


I’m pretty sure it was a made for TV movie, I remember watching it like 20+ years ago. It was probably made in early 90s. The premise of the movie is an electronics store owner has a night (or a date – I believe his friend sets him up with the woman) with a high-end escort but realizes the next day that he wants to help her get out that business. The store owner is short and stocky and somewhat balding and probably late 30s or early 40s (in the movie setting). The actress that plays the escort is young, probably mid to late 20s or early 30s and blonde. The store owner spends the rest of the movie trying different things to get her to quit but she actually does not have a problem with being a high-end escort. I remember one line in the movie, “some people sell tvs, I sell my body”. I literally can not remember what happens in the movie, the actress who plays the escort is quite stunning, however I do remember that it was actually a decent movie.

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Called hobo with a shotgun I think.


It’s not a perfect match but Crimes of Passion (1984) has an electronics store owner who falls for a prostitute.

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Thanks for trying but its not that movie. The blond is much more attractive than her and I don’t recall there being any big Hollywood names in it…. probably why its so hard to hunt down….