Name this movie…

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The movie starts off with 2 (wht) men landing & leaving LAX airport. They stop at a convenience store where a (blk) gang tries to car jack them. The 2 criminal guys shoot & kill at lease 2 gang members, and take one gang member hostage and they make him take them to his house… where he lives with his older sister, her daughter & her baby father who is also a “super gang member.” The two criminals uses phone line & internet to get some kind of foreign bank account number to wire funds.
At the end of movie, only the big sister & her daughter escape, and the last you see is them on an airplane leaving the states, and she has foreign bank account info & all the money.
Plz help me find this movie! Its bn nagging me for over 3 months now!I don’t remember any of the characters, just the plot of the film. Help… anybody..??

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Are you a 100 % sure about LAX as a location in the movie?
How old do you think this movie could be?