Name this movie? Two women burned at stake, man only saves one.

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I was really young but I always remember this movie scene; I recall my aunt watching this on TV around the year 2003/4/5 [ the movie itself could be anything from 60’s – 2000’s ] – sorry it’s not accurate. It’s definitely in technicolor/color

PLOT iirc :

In this scene, there are TWO women, standing and tied to upright wooden stakes on the ground.

There was an audience watching around the pit

The women were wearing perhaps the popular style of medieval / middle age dresses; (no underskirts or poofyness, very flat)

The executioner set the hay and wood around them on fire. As the fire grew both women were screaming and calling out a man’s name.

A Handsome arrives and there’s a close up of his face.

For a moment it looks like he is torn between which woman to save, but he just walks into the fire pit and begins untying the rope around only one of the women’s wrists.

Meanwhile the second woman is still screaming his name and he is seemingly ignoring her and quickly untying woman one.

The first woman is sobbing quietly and he picks her up hero style and starts walking out of the fire

The second woman is sobbing and calling after them both while she is still tied at the stake and the man just continues walking about of the fire

I think it then cuts to an aerial shot of him walking out of the fire carrying the 1st woman in his arms and the flame is huge and engulfs the other woman and the audience is watching this happen with little to no reaction

I believe the credits came after that.

Sorry it’s so long ! But I really hope someone knows this movie

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