Need help finding movie.

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I’m trying to find this low budget film from that came out sometime in the 2008 to 2012. The main actor is playing as himself in high school. The plot of the story is a high school kid who is smart rebels in school and smokes weed to the point his mother has him kidnapped in the night and sent to a rehab. I remember are that he put a handcuff key in his boxers lining so he could escape handcuffs. He breaks out. But his mom has him picked up again. He eventually breaks out again of the rehab school by using a paperclip and toilet paper to start a fire from an electric outlet. He goes and fixes his relationship with his mother and decides to go to community college. He has something of a photographic memory and shows so when asked to remember numbers off a card a counselor shows him. At the end he gets the girl that was his friend. The main actor who the story is about is also the person who was directing I think. Its set somewhere in the west part of America I’m not sure which state probably California or Arizona or Nevada.

JellyJinx Asked question Aug 2, 2022