Hello there! I need help remembering 2 movies I watched when I was little, I can provide some details about them but bear in mind it will be vague so I am sorry if I can’t provide more detailed info.

About the first movie the only thing I can remember is that it was about a married couple being threatened by someone on the phone forcing them to do illegal activities, the movie reveals at the end that the culprit was the wife taking revenge on her husband for cheating on her.

And for the second movie I very vaguely remember it.. all I can remember is one scene where the protagonist meets at one point a person who went through many surgeries and ended up looking like skin stretched on a frame that was pushed around by another person, the thing proceeds to talk about its past referring to himself as female saying stuff like “I used to be a pretty boy” and that it went through over 500 procedures and after that it states that it will undergo through another operation to change its blood color from red to white.

Again I am sorry for providing little info about these two movies (especially for the second one), I really hope you can help me finding out their names because I wanted to share these movies with my friends

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